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Northwest Art & Gifts

We don’t just provide custom framing for our customers’ artwork. We provide a showcase for some of the best local artists’ work.

Peruse local artists’ work right in our shop.

As an experienced, established artist with deep roots in artistic communities from coast to coast, Joanne has naturally developed a number of relationships with leading artists. When she opened her retail location, it was great opportunity to showcase her friends’ and colleagues’ work.

While not a gallery, per se, J. Rollins Art of Framing features a select number of incredibly high-quality, affordable art pieces specially chosen by Joanne herself from artist such as:

Barbara Atlas: Barbara is a local Portland ceramicist that creates beautiful and practical pieces for affordable prices.

Laure Heinz: Laure was born and resided for most of her life in Portland, Oregon.  She moved to Taos, New Mexico in 2007.  She received a Bachelor of Science Degree in both Graphic Design and Painting from Portland State University in 1979.  Using her graphic design knowledge she spent nearly 20 years in the field.  Her first design job was with the then Washington Park Zoo in the Design Department. Latter Laure began her own Freelance business offering graphic design and illustration.  Through those years, her love of drawing found her consistently involved with the Drawing Studio and Hipbone Studio, both in Portland, keeping her drawing skills honed.   In 2000 her focus changed from designing for others to developing her personal work through various mediums.  From found object construction to painting and linoleum cut, she continues daily to explore and find her art path.  Her work has been shown at several galleries and venues;  PDX Gallery, Portland, Oregon; Stuart Gallery, Boise, Idaho; Coos Art Museum, Coos Bay, Oregon;  Pacific NW Gallery, Canon Beach, Oregon; A Dealer’s Eye Art Center Gallery, Clatsop Community College; Lucia Douglas Gallery, Bellingham, Washington; Contemporary Crafts Gallery & Museum, Portland, Oregon; J. Rollins Art of Framing, Portland, Oregon; Jandreau Art, Taos, New Mexico and the Santa Fe Flea Market, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Horses. All over her art.  Laure fell in love with horses at the age of 6.  A forever love and major force in her life. Horses have been a consistent thread running through her life – so it is not surprising to see them appear often in her work, or maybe be the axis around which her work revolves.  They appear in various forms and figurations.  They are an integral part of her being such that the spirit of horse weaves through even the non-horsey looking work as does her love and connection with the natural world.

Laure’s work is guided by intuitive impulses first, technique, media and materials follow.  Even at its most conservative, exploration and need to expand inner vision are the driving force of her art. Styles will vary.  What may appear as inconsistency is actually quite consistent with Laure’s way of moving through the world.  She needs to work from here-there-over there and maybe back again, her work as her life, following a meandering route rather than an as-the-crow-flies path, and always, a surprise waiting around the next bend.

Ron Kaplan: I’ve been taking pictures for 50 years or so, ever since my grandfather gave me a camera for a long-ago birthday.  To support my photography habit, I’ve been a lawyer and owned a winery (Panther Creek).  I had a darkroom for color and B&W for thirty years, until 1999 when I switched to digital.

During the darkroom days, I shot 35mm, medium and large format.  I probably switched to digital a bit early, but now I feel full-frame digital SLR’s and medium format digital backs can produce outstanding images, capable of being printed on high quality inkjet papers that meet or exceed the optical characteristics and feel of their wet cousins.

I print color and B&W with an Epson 7900 and an Epson 3880, primarily on Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta paper, Canson Infinity Edition Etching Rag paper and Hahnemühle Fine Art Bamboo paper.  Over the last few years, I’ve been increasingly interested in texture overlays composited with the main image.  Some of the textures are images themselves and some are scans of things like antique paper.  They are overlaid on the main image in Photoshop using various blend modes and layer masks.

I’m largely self taught, with some courses over the last few years with Charles Cramer and Michael Frye.  I’ve been teaching a six-week (three hours per week) workshop in Digital Fine Art Printing at Newspace Center for Photography in Portland four times per year for the past few years.